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« The taste of Nice and French Riviera in the middle of Tel Aviv »

NIZZA, settled in the center of Tel Aviv welcomes its guest to experience the generosity and the charm of traditional dishes of Nice, one of the most famous city of Southeastern France located in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur area. Behind the scene of the French Restaurant is a team of passionate foodies.

Patrice an Yonathan, the owners, had a dream: open a restaurant in Israel. Patrice Mazig is Nizza’s inspiration ; born and raised in Nice, he decided to bring to Tel Aviv, the delicate and traditional recipes of his native city. Yonathan Azog has a financial background. In top of being an expert with figures, he is also a fine gourmet. He namely gave his green light to purchase the best olive oil.

Last but not least, conducting this passionate team, Anthony, former Chef of a starred restaurant on the French Riviera sharing the kitchen with some of the most famous Pizza Chefs of Napoli, exclusively working with an Italian flour sneaked into their luggages from Italy to Israel.

In a modern decor, this stylish bistrot with the warm feel of Southeast France and contemporary furnitures, wooden tables, black and white floor tiles has been designed to enable space yet intimacy. Offering a large modern dining room with an impressive stone pizza oven in the center, as well as a stunning terrasse to enjoy the long summer nights, NIZZA promise its guest a memorable experience and the possibility to privatize the 250m2 space for unique occasions.

NIZZA propose its guest a gateway to southeast of France while experiencing some of the best products of Nice. Every dish is fresh and homemade cooked. Allow yourself an aperitif with a glass of Pastis or a fresh rose with some delicious marinated olives with herbs just like if you were sitting on the Promenade des Anglais (French Tayelet!).

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Events at nizza

The Dining



Dive into the very heart of Nice while sitting in NIZZA’s dining room. With an open kitchen & bar, the space has been designed and refurbished to hosts up to 75 guests.

The Amazing



Your meal will taste even better on the outdoor patio. Nizza boasts a stunning terrace to enjoy the cool summer breeze while long dinner or quick lunch break.


For anyone seeking a certain somewhere extra special to host a memorable event, Nizza offer the possibility to privatise the restaurant and the terrace for up to 150 guests.

This post is also available in: French Hebrew